How can making art heal and transform us?

Isn't true art always a gateway within?

Abstract art
Which artists evoke higher states of consciousness through their art?
Which techniques and art forms inspire you, and open new paths for humanity?
How can awe-inspired beauty be used to awaken the masses?
Making art
Which obstacles do we need to traverse so as to unleash your inner artist?
Are you prepared to make a mess as you become a channel for beauty?
Book with waterfall
We help you create art that opens your book of life and reveals those hidden depths.
Older artist
Want a photo or something you imagined commissioned into truly masterful art?
Let our artists try our hand at it – our mission is to spread beauty in the world.
Making soap
Tired of the yearly stress of thinking up gifts to buy for your loved ones?
Ready to make your gifts more personal and meaningful?
Make your own supply of creative gifts. We'll send you the materials and teach you how, and all you have to do is spread your love.

What we
work towards

Becoming an artist

Finding the inner artist

Most of us non-artist types are usually too busy to get artsy – so here is a community to dispel that notion. Making art can be surprisingly easy and satisfying even for us left-brained people for whom that may seem like a foreign universe. Turn your little project into a birthday gift, and you will inspire your friends and loved ones with something truly meaningful – taking perhaps as long as it would to find a random gift at the store. We can guide you through all forms of art, from quick and easy, to fun – to channeling the beauty found deep within.

Uplifting art gallery

Art that lifts the spirit

Every artist brings something unique and (hopefully) beautiful to the world. For some people though, art is a vehicle for calling forth a more elevated state of being. The creativity that pulses through them can be a beacon of light for anyone who passes by, notices the beauty, takes a deep breath and remembers what's truly important in life. Surround yourself with art that evokes the purest part of ourselves, and help us spread that beauty far and wide. Is there an image that is deeply meaningful for you? Let us turn it into art, and let the beauty take a life of its own.

Investigating jagged circle

Art for healing and transformation

Art can be a big ally in identifying subconscious patterns. When guided by a skilled therapist, specific artistic exercises can help people discover and overcome fears and traumas they may have had no idea about. But these exercises should not be relegated to the therapist's office – every child, teenager and adult can benefit from diving within through their artistic expression. This community brings the healing power of art to everyone and their mother – or father if that's where the issue lies. ?

Art Lovin Community

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People expanding consciousness through art – in themselves and loved ones – in everyone.